30 May 2014

Update from Katie

Hey Friends! I cannot believe that we only have about 9 days left until we leave for Glasgow! Thanks so much for all of your support so far. We have definitely been feeling your prayers and encouragement. I think at our last count, we are down to only needing about $2,800. [Not bad from our grand total of over $24,000] I am confident that God will provide whatever we will need for this trip, including our finances. Thank for you joining with us in this journey. 
       If you would like to be added to our prayer list (for email updates that will be sent out from Glasgow), please either leave a comment with your email address or send it to one of us on the team and we will add you. 
        We are having our official send-off at church a week from this Sunday. It will be at Scum's evening service on June 8th (the night before we fly out). If you can join us there and say farewell, we would love to see you! 
       May God bless you in whatever season of life you are in! We are grateful for you!

                                  love, Katie (aka Eagleslayer)

29 May 2014


If you haven't heard, Jordan posted this on his facebook page a bit ago:
"My dad is sitting up and can walk short places now! He is still in the ICU but may get out of there today! Only day two after the surgery! Yesterday (day 1) was very rough and painful for him! But today they have his pain under control and he is being his joking sarcastic self! Praise God and thank you all for your prayers, it made the biggest difference!"

God is good!  Please keep praying :)

27 May 2014

Praise God!

Just got this text from Jordan: "My dad just got out of surgery! The doctor said it went as well as it could.  Now it's just recovery time. The doctor said they have to keep a close eye on him because there's a possibility of stroke or other problems but he is doing okay! 

Thanks to all who have been praying.  God worked a miracle here! We just gotta to keep praying that the recovery goes as well as the surgery did!"

Also, Jerred's infection is healing well, praise Jesus!

& I just received all of our visas in the mail today

+ we only need to raise another $3300!  

It is so awesome to see how God answers our prayers :)

20 May 2014

Update on Jordan & Jerred

I talked with Jerred today and the tests came back negative on his infection. He just needs to take anti-biotics and wait for the healing to happen.  Praise Jesus!

I heard from Jordan today as well: they found a specialist in Seattle.  Jordan is there now with his dad. The surgery will take place either Friday or Tuesday.  We're so thankful to God that they found the doctor and are able to do surgery so quickly. Please be praying for the surgery itself and recovery which may take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months.

19 May 2014

6th time across the pond!

Dear friends

Once again, there is a team of folk from Scum of the Earth church heading to Glasgow, Scotland for a month to work alongside our dear friends at Glasgow City MissionGlasgow Mosaic church & Stuart Gilmour + crew!

Four of us have been on previous trips, myself: Ben Mercer, Jerred Powell, Katie Eglsaer, and Chad Merchant from the 2012 trip; plus Jordan Tinklenberg and Sarah Anema.  We have been meeting bi-weekly since February to prepare for our trip and get to know each other better.  Please join us in praying for increased growth in team unity.  

We have also put on three fund-raisers: a fish fry, a tea party, and a rummage sale which helped us work together as a team.  With the funds raised from those fund-raisers plus donations from friends and family, we currently only need $4,568.34.  Pray for God's provision for the remainder of the necessary funds.  If you would like to contribute financially to our mission trip, you can do so by mailing a check made out to 'Scum of the Earth' with 'Scotland 2014' in the memo line to 935 W. 11th Ave./Denver, CO 80204 or online via paypal. 

Finally, if you think of it, please pray for Jordan and Jerred: Jordan's dad is currently in the hospital for his 3rd open heart surgery & Jerred is recovering from an infection. 

Thanks for reading and check back here for regular updates!

Addendum: Just heard from Jordan: The doctor has cancelled today's surgery and is looking in Portland and Seattle to find a more experienced surgeon for the operation. Please pray that a doctor will be found, the surgery will go smoothly, recovery will be quick, and there will be no complications.