30 May 2014

Update from Katie

Hey Friends! I cannot believe that we only have about 9 days left until we leave for Glasgow! Thanks so much for all of your support so far. We have definitely been feeling your prayers and encouragement. I think at our last count, we are down to only needing about $2,800. [Not bad from our grand total of over $24,000] I am confident that God will provide whatever we will need for this trip, including our finances. Thank for you joining with us in this journey. 
       If you would like to be added to our prayer list (for email updates that will be sent out from Glasgow), please either leave a comment with your email address or send it to one of us on the team and we will add you. 
        We are having our official send-off at church a week from this Sunday. It will be at Scum's evening service on June 8th (the night before we fly out). If you can join us there and say farewell, we would love to see you! 
       May God bless you in whatever season of life you are in! We are grateful for you!

                                  love, Katie (aka Eagleslayer)

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