31 May 2011

God is good! :)


Just wanted to inform you that our prayers have been answered: Randell's Visa has been approved and all five Visas are making their way to Denver as I type this up!

Sergei and Tanya of Passport Visa Express have been a huge help in the process of getting our Visas as quickly as possible and if you ever need help with Visas, please contact them.

I want to share a little story of the crazy way God works:
1 piece of Randell's information arrived at Passport Visa Express today while the rest was already at the Embassy, waiting for this 1 piece. The PVE agent carried it to the Embassy to drop it off to be added to the packet already there, which would then be processed within the next few days.

When the PVE agent arrived at the Embassy and explained the situation, the Visa person decided to go ahead and process it right then and there, bypassing the pile of other packets to be approved. Randell's Visa was approved, an email sent to him, which he forwarded to me. The Visa was picked up by the PVE agent and is now winging it's way to Denver!

God is so good! :)

I don't have the picture from Randell's Visa but here are the photos from the rest of the team's:

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  1. When ben gets old and his beard turns white he will look like obi wan kenobi