06 June 2011

Thoughts at Phili airport.

We're sitting here in the Philadelphia airport, attached to our digital devices, passing time until we board the plane to Glasgow around 8:30pm EST.
I'm thinking about...
I'm praying about...
I'm worrying about...
..,A lot
...A lot
...Not too much.

The woman sitting next to me on the plane here worked for Homeland Security. I didn't chat with her much- I'm a bit shy sometimes- but I found out she was traveling this time for personal reasons, not work. I asked her a bit about what the job entailed- naturally she didn't say much. We talked about the East coast, the ocean, and other things.
As I was sitting here waiting in the boarding area for our next flight, I thought again about our conversation. (I posted my main thought on my FB page, but I will repeat it here, hopefully at not too great a length.)

She works for US Homeland Security.
I work for the PL Homeland Security. I work for the security of the Promised Land, the Land flowing with milk and honey, where there is no more weeping, nor sorrow, nor fear. I defend the territory promised to me through Jesus Christ. Sometimes I may not see the fruits of my work, sometimes I'm sent to the front lines. But when I'm in the middle of battle, I don't need a bulletproof vest. I have on me the armor of God, which nothing can penetrate. I know that as Isaiah was told, "no weapon that is formed against you will prosper." I will stand in battle for the Lord- I may need to do nothing, like Jehoshaphat, or I may need to pierce through the darkness with the word of God, saying, "it is written..." like Jesus. But I do not need to fear, for I know my Father will protect me.

I guess you could also say I work for Promised Land Immigration- not keeping people out, but bringing people in. It is my job- volunteer job, that is, to let everyone know about this wonderful country that exists- the most wonderful place that there was, or ever will be.

The Scotland team is going to Glasgow- "the working city"- to sow seeds of faith, redemption and love through Christ. We want to bring people into the fold- to be part of the flock that will follow the Good Shepherd to the Promised Land.

I'm so honored to be a part of this group- we seem so different- but we're all of the same family- brothers and sisters in Christ, co-workers for the Kingdom, and we have the best Boss in the whole universe. I get paid with love, freedom and life, but those benefits aren't contingent on my work performance. All I have to do is try. And because I love my "job" so much, I try so incredibly hard.

And thanks be to God for all He has given us, and continues to give us.

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