29 June 2011

Wednesday June 29th, an hour before the mission was closing
a guy by the name of John E. came in to use the bathroom and ask if we knew a place he could stay. One of the volunteers and I started probing to find out more information about him. We found out that his mother had died from a pill overdose at the age of 47 and her funeral was June 23rd. After the funeral he skipped town and overdosed on painkillers on the 25th.
He is only 25. Mitchum (the director) gave him some cash and helped him find a hostile. John and I spoke for about 25 minutes before he decided to head off to the hostile. I have his number and he should be back tonight to pick up his laundry. Keep him in your prayers, pray that God will flood his heart with his love, that he could let him see hope. Pray that God will equip him with his armor to keep him safe from the hell that he is going thru. And lastly that he could fill the warmth his embrace. My only comfort in this is that Jesus is crying with him!


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