02 July 2012

Bitter Sweet

Hello from the Scotland

Well, this is a tough one to write. This was the last day serving at the mission. It has been very sad to say goodbye. But God has been moving even in the midst of us preparing to leave. Today we finished up as much of the construction we could. We were able to get the sewage line ran for the new toilet, and started dry walling the former toilet (New Office). We also had amazing talk with Andrew (Chief Exec, at GCM) at lunch. He has been knees deep in the mud during this construction task. But today during a home made lunch of Chili and Cornbread, he told us his story and how God has brought him through some terrible times, but has blessed him so much. His story was able touch many of us on a very personal level and allowed him to speak into some of our lives. We then went to serve at our final night meal. This was very tough, we have grown to really love the volunteers, staff, and clients here at GCM. There is such a presence of God in this place, its hard to leave. But our final night was amazing, a volunteer John prayed for a couple of other volunteers with shoulder pain, and they were healed. He also prayed John Favara.  He said he felt a weight lifted off of him, and had peace in areas of his life he was struggling with. John also said this allowed him to feel Gods presence in way has not for years. This has been sort of a theme on this trip, at least for me. As God has brought me back to him, and felt his presence in ways I havent in years also. There has been so many prayers answered on this trip. Well agian i am writing this at 1:30am, so i need to get to sleep, we have a long day ahead of us, cleaning the housing site, having lunch with Wes from Mosiac, then we have our going away diner, where people are coming and saying goodbye, well night (well mid afternoon back in the states)

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