07 July 2012

Honey, I'm home!

Hello, everyone.

As you probably already know, we have returned from our month-long trip to Scotland. I want to thank all of you who have kept up with this thing over the last month. It's a blessing just to know that you care about us enough to read about what was on our minds and hearts. It truly has been, and continues to be, a great encouragement.

Just as a sort of wrap up of our final days in Scotland, I will share a few things with you.

On Monday night, a few of us stayed up way too late. At face value, this seems like a decision of poor judgment. I believe otherwise. The four of us that stayed up and talked shared more about what God had been showing us. Of course, we had been doing this pretty regularly in our nightly debrief time, but this late night talk may have been even deeper. I know that I definitely shared more about what God has been opening my heart to over the past six months, especially during the trip. On Tuesday, we finally cleaned up after ourselves. After our cleaning fiesta, we went to Wes and Cindy's (Glasgow Mosaic) flat to have a meal and talk with them about their ministry as well as our experiences in Glasgow. We had a wonderful meal, chat, and prayer time with them. It was definitely one of the many highlights of the month. Later on Tuesday, we all went to a pub to say our goodbyes to staff and volunteers from the mission. Talk about humbling. The amount of wonderful people that took time out of their day to come and see us is mind-boggling.

If you did anything to support our trip, thank you.

Please continue to pray for us as we are still processing through the trip and how it has changed us.

I love you all.

In Jesus,

Jerred Olen Powell

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