02 July 2013

2 July 2013

Hello friends!  Wow - what a trip this has been.  We leave tomorrow morning at 10:30 Glasgow time (3:30 AM Denver time) on our flight back home across the Atlantic.  It's been so awesome to see God working here, and the love that is truly overflowing from the staff of the mission.  It's hard to go back, but we are excited for what God has in store for us in Denver, and I for one want to return to Glasgow at a later date!
Saturday the 29th was a free day.  Tyson, John, and Ben stayed in Glasgow while I took a one our train ride to Largs, Scotland (on the western coast).  The weather was crisp and cloudy, and the breeze off the water was a bit cold, but still I loved every minute of it.  Susan Robertson, who is on staff at the mission, lives in Largs with her family.  I walked along the beach and met up with Susan and her husband Callum, and then we went to the famous Nardini's restaurant for lunch.  There was a music festival, LargsLive, happening that weekend, and I got to see Sambayabamba, a 26-piece band from Glasgow that played Brazilian-style music on various percussion instruments and horns.  Then back to Nardini's for their famous ice cream - yum!  Then over to the Lounge for a pint and I was on my way back to Glasgow.
Saturday evening, we had the first meeting of Stuart's new ministry, nicknamed "The Beard" (See Psalm 133).  Stuart shared his vision with about 15 friends, and a few people shared their talents, and what God has shown them recently.  The ministry is off to a good start, with quarterly meetings of people gathering to share life together.
Sunday we all slept in (except Ben who went to Carbrain Baptist Church), and then went out to lunch with Stuart, Lynsey, Graeme, and Steven one last time.  So hard to say goodbye to those wonderful friends!
Then off to Mosaic service in the afternoon, and dinner with Ewan and Garie (from the mission).
Then Tyson and I went to Ben Nevis for whisky and beer with Garie.  Wonderful day!
Monday we had a free day, and I had breakfast with Ben at  Lola and Livvy's - the best Scottish breakfast ever!  Then a whirlwind of souvenir buying, and time to reflect in my journal.  Our last evening service was emotional Monday night, with many volunteers saying goodbye.
Tuesday was another day of goodbyes and pictures.  I got to chat with VJ from Latvia one last time, and was encouraged by his smile and good conversation, and his scripture verses that God had shown him.
As I write this, I'm hanging in the office with the staff, reminiscing about our trip.  Tonight will be good, as we have our goodbye party at a local restaurant.  Many people are coming by to send us off! 
Glasgow, we love you, and we pray "for the opportunity, God willing, to come at last to see you" (Romans 1:10)!

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