28 June 2013

27 June 2013

Hello friends!  God is good and continues to work among us in Glasgow, even in our final week. 
We had a wonderful day Thursday, networking and continuing to marvel at what God is doing here.
We've been reading the verse for Scum's prayer and fasting week every day, and I believe it's helped to focus our minds on things back home as we prepare for our journey back next week.
Now for Glasgow: Tyson and Ben went to the Under 40's Men's Club to play games and chat, and John and Matt went to the Next Steps Club, preparing people for university courses, and helping them find jobs.
Today we were kind of slow in the Next Steps club, but I got to talk to a friend of mine, Vjslachav (Not sure of spelling!) from Latvia.  Also known as VJ! 
I had met VJ at some of our evening meals at the mission, and he was always interested in chatting more.  This was the first time I had seen him during the day.  He seems hungry to talk more, and seems interested in my story.  We chatted about Scum of the Earth.  He was familiar with the passage, 1 Corinthians 4:11-13, and said he liked that one a lot!
Pray for VJ as he continues to build relationships.  Although he has a few Latvian friends in Scotland, he must feel alone sometimes. 
Thursday evening, the volunteers at the mission had a quarterly training session, and it was good to mingle with everybody, even though it was our night off.  Our friend Graeme picked us up and took us to his home in Cumbernauld, where he cooked a traditional Scottish meal of haggis, neaps, mashed potatoes, and stovies.  Then we had apple pie and strawberry trifle for dessert! 
It was wonderful to chat with Graeme, Stuart and Lynsey, and Steven about the new ministry that they are brainstorming about here in Falkirk, as we have another meeting tomorrow night, with more of their friends.  Pray for Sat. night, that God would move among people's hearts as they hear Stuart's vision.
Pray that God would move people to come alongside them to help them start up this ministry.
It was great to hang out and chat into the wee hours with our friends.  We'll miss them so much, but trust that God may bring us together again (as he has many times before!)


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