15 July 2014

Back in the USA

Dear friends

Thank you for joining us for this piece of the journey God is taking the 7 of us on.  It has been an adventure for sure and God, faithful to His promises, has grown us each in new ways and reminded us of things He has taught us in our past. 

Now that we are back in the States:
Chad has started a second week of a new program at Denver Rescue Mission of which he is heading up.  Starting it up is intense so please pray for him to find rest and refreshment during this time, as well as time and people to process his trip and re-entry with.

Jordan is in California, helping his mom move into her new home.  He flew from Glasgow to Newark to Denver to Boise in the course of one 'day'.  Then he jumped in a car with friends and drove to the west coast. Please pray for him as he continues to be transient for the next week or so, that God would reveal His love and truth and the Jordan would have time and space to process all that God has shown him. Praise that Jordan's dad is still doing well but please continue to pray that recover goes well.

Sarah started work as a teacher at a writer's camp for young people on Monday.  She said it was intense but good.  Pray that things continue to be encouraging to her and that she makes time to spend alone with God in the midst of her summer schedule.

Katie was able to stay in the UK for a few more days to spend time with her sister and brother-in-law who live in England.  She returned to Boulder Sunday night.  Please pray that she finds ways to connect with God and others as she is about an hour drive from the Scum community and that she is able to work through her experiences on the trip.

Jerred started work at the Denver Rescue Mission on Friday and has been working every day since. His experiences there have been intense but giving him the chance to 'make the most of every opportunity' (Ephesians 5:16) which he feels God has specifically called him to do. Please pray for him as he has his 'weekend' tomorrow and Thursday.  Pray that he is able to continue to process the ramifications of the trip and how they should affect his life here in Denver.

Tina and I have been able to take a few days off which has been good.  We've been able to enjoy time with our dear pup, Bill, and time together and apart.  It was sweet for us to re-connect with the Scum community and see Sarah and Jerred on Sunday. Please pray for Tina as she continues to seek God's will for her in the coming weeks and months.  Pray that the lingering cough she has will be healed and that Mini Mercer will continue to grow safe and strong.

Finally, please pray for me as I return to my work at Logan Property Management, that I would be able to engage with the residents and continue to be a source of love and help to them. Pray for me as I re-enter work at Scum, that I would slide seamlessly into the time of discernment Scum is in as we look at Mike Sares' re-entry as the leader of our community.

Thanks again for joining us on this portion of the journey God has us on. Your love and care have been much appreciated.

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