04 July 2014

Crisp Odyssey

Last night, our friend Graeme, Stuart & Lynsey hosted us in Cumbernauld for haggis, neeps & tatties, and stovies.  It was delicious!  

A crew of us took a wee walk to a playground which was much different than those I had encountered in the US. All of the equipment seemed specifically to cause dizziness!

The highlight of Graeme and Jordan's night was the Crisp Odyssey where we were able to sample a plethora of different flavored and consistency of crisp (those in the US, think potato chip).  It was marvelous!

To top off our night, we got to watch a couple videos that Graeme had directed and produced which were wonderful.  StreetLoaf  is absolutely amazing! 

It was a brilliant time connecting with friends who have become dear to us over our time here in Scotland.  

After an amazing night and days of realizing that we are saying goodbye to so many dear people, our team is wearing down with the understanding that our trip is wrapping up.  Please pray for us: that God would give us the energy and ability to continue to connect and engage with God, our team, and our friends here.

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