28 May 2009

Dear Friends

So I'm sure your expecting a entry about how our trip went and how great Scotland is but this is not that entry. We are all back in the states. The short version of our trip is that we got to Heathrow England and got denied entry to the UK due to the fact we didn't have a sponsor to do volunteer work in the UK. basically we didn't have the write paper work. We are working on getting that paper work and hopefully we get back soon, we will know in the next couple of days. we are waiting to hear back from the church of Scotland because they seem to be the only ones that might be able to sponsor us.

as far as the trip went it was 14 hours of flying then 12 hours of waiting in the Heathrow airport then the trip back equaling 48 hours of being away and 22 hours of being on a plane. while waiting in the airport we met many very lovely people that we hope to thank in person if we get back (and if we fly in through Heathrow again). We will posting a more in depth blog with details tomorroq but right now we are just resting up since we only had a bed to sleep in for about 4 hours last night.

please keep praying that we will get back and that it's God will we do, also Thank God for his hand in this, we met and talked with many many people that we would have never met if it didn't happen this way and we as a team feel that all of this was Gods doing.

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