25 May 2009

Trip Contact Info...


Less than a day away from leaving. We'll be getting into Glasgow around 1pm on Wednesday their time. Who knows what time it'll be our time... :) Okay, let's see if my brain's working right: 6 hours ahead of us, so it'd be about 7am here in the States, I believe...

So yeah, a little bit of team info while we're in Scotland:
We'll be staying @ the Sheiling's location of Glasgow City Mission which is found @:

24 McAlpine St.
Glasgow, Scotland
G2 8PT

but WAIT! That's NOT where you should be sending the letters, postcards, cards, cookies, treats (they don't have ranch dressing in Scotland & I can't take more than 3oz on the plane w/ me..), etc! If you want to send stuff via postal mail, you need to send it to:

(whoever's name you're sending it to)
C/O Glasgow City Mission
19 Elderpark Workspace
100 Elderpark Street
Glasgow, Scotland
G51 3TR

Of course, this 'blog is 1 way to keep up w/ what all is happening w/ us & our adventures over the pond. Another is through all our photos @ our flickr site.

In addition to Glasgow City Mission, we'll be spending a lot of time w/ Glasgow Mosaic & VoidAvoidance along w/ a bit of time w/ Friends of the River Kelvin, & the Salt & Light bus.

This isn't the 1st trip Scum of the Earth Church's taken to Scotland. We did 1 in 2007 and another in 2008 so feel free to check them out...

Please be praying for us as we travel tomorrow & Wednesday (we'll be in 4 different airports before we make it 'home' for the month) & that God would be continuing to prepare us for Scotland & Scotland for us :)


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