12 June 2013

11 June 2013

Hello friends!

Sorry it's a little late, I'm just now getting to my blog duties for Tuesday.  The good news is that Glasgow is 7 hours ahead of Denver, so I guess I'm not that late after all! God has continued to show us grace and used us to bless the clients that come through the mission. And we have been blessed by them!
Tuesday was my first day of clubs at the mission.  I had IT (computer) club first.  It wasn't that busy, but I got to help a client learn how to use a mouse, & he played several games to help him get used to the mouse. It was fun to help people with their computer training so they could be better prepared for jobs in the future.
Next I had the art club.  I'm not artistically inclined (I'm a stick-figure sort of guy) but I really enjoyed watching people create art, & even helping a woman create a clay sculpture of 2 musical notes. I had to laugh that although I traced the design for her and did the lettering, she was photographed with her work and got the credit! I was happy to help in any way I could.
The clients were excited about the upcoming art exhibition at the mission, scheduled for this weekend and featuring work by many of the homeless in Glasgow.    
The art helps many clients to forget about their hardships and is a form of therapy.
I started work on my upcoming talk to the men this Monday, and then we had the evening meal. It was great to see many of the same clients and volunteers, and have a chance to show God's love. The clients ask some tough questions!
That's all for today. Thanks for your love and support!

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