07 June 2013

6 June 2013
dear friends, What an amazing time we've had already! God's love for Glasgow has been evident through the staff and volunteers at the mission. On Thursday, John, Tyson, and I worked at the Scheiling, an
unoccupied building that the mission is clearing out . John and Tyson worked on sawing down tree branches while I hauled them off to the makeshift "dump" on the side of the building. Ben stayed behind at the mission to help organize the store (food and toiletries storage). Then I got to go to the dump, a collection station where we threw stuff over a ledge to be compacted and transferred to a real dump. It was awesome riding through Glasgow and learning more about the city's landmarks from Tyson and Robert. Then back to the Scheiling for more sorting and filling the van back up again.
we had the afternoon free, and I enjoyed a lovely walk along the Clyde river, and also went downtown to the city Centre.
we had Thursday night off, and met up with Graeme, and Stuart & Lindsay Gilmour for dinner. Then we went to Graeme's house and had a lovely visit with his parents. It was a great relaxing evening, except for the "midgees" (like tiny mosquitos) that pestered us when we were standing outside.
So awesome to relax with friends across the globe, who have a similar heart for ministry to the downtrodden.
Then back to the mission for late night debriefing and bed! A nice full day.

Matt Kingham

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