05 June 2013

Day Two

Day 02, Wednesday, June 5th

Today saw the first day of work at Glasgow City Mission. But before I tell you about today I should write about yesterday. We arrived in Glasgow yesterday morning and were picked up by volunteers at the mission who had graciously volunteered their houses for us for that night. John and I went with a man named Jim and Ben and Matt went with a married couple Gordon and Irene. We then met up after dropping our stuff off at their house back in the city center of Glasgow, kinda like a downtown area.

We met up for lunch with a friend named Graeme. Graeme does a lot of volunteer work with his church,Carbrain Baptist Church. He works with the worship team and has invited Matt to play worship with him one Sunday. He also does a video club with some youth at the church where they get together and make movies, and has invited John to do some work with them.

Afterwards we met with a friend from Glasgow Mosaic Church named Mike. Mike and his family moved to Glasgow from the United States about 10 years ago to plant the church here. He filled us in on all the work going on at Mosaic and filled us in on all the ways Mosaic needs to be prayer. One of the ways that mosaic needs prayer is that the building that they lease for sundays is being renovated. So pretty soon here they are gonna need to find creative spaces to meet for their Sunday meeting.

Its been unusually good weather here for the past two days so last night John and I had dinner outside with Jim. It was really just a great day getting reacquainted with the city and the people we are going to be working with again.

Today we started our work at the Glasgow City Mission. They have just ended the lease on an old building that they used to use but no longer need and are trying to move all the stuff out of there. So they asked us if we would help them out. We spent the afternoon with Robert moving stuff out and catching up with him. Robert has been around the mission for countless years and is now finally retiring at the end of this year. Its amazing to see the way after all these years that Robert, who is officially more of a facilities manager than actually social worker, cares for these guys, especially a man named Willie Black. Willie works with Robert on occasion helping out around the building and has been using the service at the mission for several years now.

In about an hour we are gonna go downstairs and help with the dinner set up, I am writing this now before that because I am sure when that is done, at about 10:30, I will be too tired to think altogether straight. From my experience here two years ago dinner service is a rather hectic time of handing out sandwiches and soup to the guys coming through the door. After the dessert is handed out and when the evening is winding down someone will give a short message about the Gospel to the guys who want to stay and hear it. They have seen an influx of people using their services especially the evening dinner service.

Its been all in all a great day of meeting old friends and making new ones. It feels more like we have never left coming back here, or at least thats kinda the feeling for John, Ben and myself, for Matt who has never been here I am sure this is all new. Thanks for all your prayers and support over the last few months as we have been working towards this day and serving here at Glasgow City Mission.

In Christ

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