07 June 2013


Hello Friends,

For the last six weeks I've been dealing with a variety of health issues that my doctor and I have been trying to narrow down. It's been unclear what's been causing everything, and after several tests, my doctor concluded that I'm probably simply deficient some minerals in my diet. I was nervous about the day of travel and coming over here without a certainty that things would be better, having to work at the mission while battling uncertain health concerns and being away from everything familiar and uncertain of what healthcare might even look like should I need it.

The day of travel was fine, and there were no problems. However, the following day I was bombarded by severe pain in my stomach the likes of which I've never felt. It certainly wasn't something I ate, it wasn't clear if it was spiritual, and it prevented me from being able to focus on the mission. The exact thing I was most fearful would happen did happen. Jet-lagged and having stayed up for 36 hours the first day, I found myself with only 3 hours of sleep on the second day due to the pain.

The following day was a little better than this. But I was in no way healed in any way. I was exhausted and in pain, and didn't know what to do. At the behest of our local friends, we called the hospital and talked to a nurse, but the nurse thought since I didn't have additional symptoms it didn't warrant a trip to the emergency room. It helped a little to know that it wasn't an emergent situation, but the problem still remained.

Yet through this it was great to see both the team, and our friends both at the mission and outside the mission here gather round to show concern and help. It's been hard for me to be in such a position when what I want is to work and help people here, to be a positive influence and also hear from God in many areas, and then to find yourself seemingly hamstrung in all of that. Yet despite all that I maintained due diligence in bringing this before God. Every morning and every evening I've made the team pray for this situation, unwilling to put up with anything less than victory no matter how long it takes. And though we are across the world, I've kept in contact with my prayer group at Scum, knowing that no amount of distance separates us in the spirit.

Today I was meant with an amazing improvement. I felt nearly completely healed when I woke up today, and throughout most of the day maintained that. As they day wore on, the pain began to show itself again, but in no way as powerful a way. I'm not giving up on prayer for this situation, but I am a lot more confident that there's an end in sight that might be resolved much earlier and easier than expected. God is good. Please continue to pray, as I'm still not fully healed, and we don't really know what the problem is or was yet. However, it's been a blessing to have today where I didn't have to worry about things, and was able to do what was needed, and interact with everyone here at the mission the way I've hoped and dreamed.

God bless you all.


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