15 June 2013

15 June 2013

Hello friends and family,

We had a great day Saturday in the city of Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and the site of many historical places.  It's about an hour's train ride from Glasgow.
We saw many beautiful parts of the Scotland countryside along the way; lush green rolling hills and meadows covered with yellow flowers.
We got to Edinburgh and toured the National Gallery of Scotland.  Many beautiful paintings (mainly oil paintings - Rembrandt and his contemporaries) are preserved there.  They even had a small section of American works.
Then we wandered around a bit, and ended up at Maison Bleu, a fancy French restaurant, for lunch.  My my, the drinks and the food were exquisite, and not too pricy!  Everything from escargot to ratatouille, duck confit and Scottish salmon were thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Then further down the Royal Mile we went, trying to take in as much as we could on a busy Saturday.  We went to an underground tour of some catacombs, which had a rich history, and toured some vaults that were pitch black!
We took the train back from Edinburgh to Falkirk, where we met up with our friends Stuart and Lynsey Gilmour, Graeme Watt, and Steven Green.  We love and cherish these dear brothers and sister in Christ!  Steven opened up his home to us and we admired his lovely aquarium (several clown fish, sea urchin, starfish, several hermit crabs, shrimp, and many others!).
Steven cooked a lovely meal for us which consisted of stogies (Not sure of spelling) - meatballs in spicy sauce, and sausages with leek and onion, and potatoes.  Such a wonderful host!
Then out to a local pub where we enjoyed some pints, and God did his amazing work!  Stuart and Lynsey opened up about their visions to (possibly) start a new church, and that that might be what God is calling them to.  The Scum team encouraged them and called out their giftings (Stuart - preaching/teaching, Lynsey - women/teaching, Graeme - music, Steven - hospitality).  We had a couple awesome prayer sessions right there in the pub!  God clearly spoke through the Scum team as we encouraged our brothers and sister to meet regularly and continually be in prayer, as this is just an idea at the moment.  We believe God is doing something in Glasgow, and specifically in the hearts of these brave men and woman.
Praise God for his continued faithfulness to those who seek his will!  He never ceases to amaze me!

Matt Kingham

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