10 June 2013

Monday June 10'th

        It feels weird when I realize that we have been gone for a week already. The time has gone by pretty fast. But it feels good to have the first week done, and be starting a new one now. I am sure you have read all the posts before this one and so I wont bore you with all the repeated details, but I will just say that its been a great week of reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.
But it feels sorta good to have all of those introductions behind and now move onto being here and present in the task that God has asked us to do. Being that 3 of us have done all this before, being here again has felt much like riding a bike with only a few new things thrown into the mix. Matt has done a fantastic job of diving right into the new experience.
Jet lag has not been too bad but naps have definitely been needed for some of us in the last week, but I finally feel as though I at least have moved past it. Hopefully.
John was not feeling very well towards that beginning of the last week but is now doing better and that is amazing. We still daily pray for his continued healing and that God would keep him and all of us well through out this trip.
All this is to say that I feel as though the last week was great, but this week will be even better. I pray that this week will be even better. God has so much in store for us that this week will surely be full of many blessing and trials. We begin this week with hope and anticipation. We pray that God would reveal himself to us and through us to the men and women who come in here. We pray that God fill us up and renew us because we have no chance of sharing what we do not have ourselves. A glass can only spill what it contains.

               In Christ

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