27 June 2012


Hello everyone!

This is Jerred.

I hope that all is well.

I'm just going to give you a little bit of a recap of my day...

After devotions this morning, we headed over to the City Mission. As soon as we arrived at the mission, I began helping get things ready for URBAN. This is one of the duties that we've all come to be fairly familiar with. I headed downstairs when URBAN began to take part in the over 40 men's club. How well you know me will determine how surprised you may be to know that this club has possibly been my favorite club to be in. (Just to give you a little insight, I have been tagged the "old man" of the group.) After the little piece of heaven that the over 40 men's club is, I, along with Katie and Chad, attended Life Group. Life Group is a church service that happens at the City Mission. This time was truly amazing. Between the worship, prayer, openness, encouragement, teaching, and discussion that took place, I can honestly say that the Spirit of God was present. After church, we headed to a local pub to meet with the rest of the group and Stephen, an American friend of ours who volunteers at the mission on Wednesday evenings. It was good to get this time to sit, eat, and be able to talk with him about his ministry here as well as tell him more about Scum. We pretty much left the pub and went straight to the mission to begin preparing for the evening drop-in. The evening drop-in has consistently been one of the high points of all of my days that we work it. It is simply something that I thoroughly enjoy no matter what role I have on any specific night. After the drop-in, we met as a team to talk about our days with each other. Now, I'm blogging. It's currently 12:15 am on Thursday morning.

As awesome as today was, it had a little bit of a bitter-sweet feel. Today was the last day that we were scheduled to work at the mission during the clubs that take place in the afternoons. Pretty much all day long, the thought of this was in the back and sometimes the front of my mind. It makes me sad that our time here is  coming close to its end. Regardless of these feeling of sadness, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have been a part of the clubs at the mission over the past few weeks.

Please pray for us as we have to say our goodbyes.

I love you all.

In Jesus,

Jerred Olen Powell

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