26 June 2012

Some photos from our journey...

Hi all! Katie here, again. I wanted to share some photos I have taken so far from our time here in Glasgow and maybe just say a few words about each one. Hope you enjoy!!


A typical day in Glasgow. Most of us actually love the weather here!

Watching a Christian video during the ladies' bible study with some of clients. This has been one of my favorite activities at the mission.
Me and Julie, a volunteer at the mission. She's awesome!!
Some of the ladies (volunteers and clients) during the dinner service, which is separated from the men who eat downstairs. I have really enjoyed serving and connecting here as well.
Me and one of the clients. Such a sweet person!
Building gazebos for a local festival that Glasgow Mosaic Church participates in and helps out with.
Chad chatting up some of the ladies after church at Carbrain Baptist Church in Cumbernauld, where some of our friends (Stuart and Graeme) have attended and lead worship and preach sometimes.
Clients watching a video during the Christianity Explored class after the young men's club at the mission.
During a church service held mid-week at the mission. It's one of our favorite activities to attend! The clients and volunteers share a time of praise & worship and hearing a message and getting to ask questions about the Bible and Christianity.
During church at Glasgow Mosaic where we attend each weekend and have gottten to know a wonderfully diverse congregation of people. It is such a blessing to be welcomed there.


Cooking class at the mission, peeling potatoes. Not my forte, but we tried our best :)


Jerred connecting with some of the clients during the Urban activity at the mission. It's a time where clients can come in and chat, use the computers, the gym, have some coffee/tea and a snack. 

Hope this helps give you all a bit more perspective on the daily and weekly activities that we get to participate in. Really eveything we are commited to has been a huge blessing and God is so present both at the mission and the churches we attend. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and for keeping up with our adventures. We love you all!
with much love, Katie aka Eagleslayer :)

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