28 June 2012


Hey friends!

Today we began our work project at the Child & Family Center of Glasgow City Mission in the Govan neighbourhood of Glasgow1: We are switching an office for a bathroom and vice-versa! To this end, we broke into 3 teams with a few of us helping dismantle the bathroom, another cleaning out the office and drilling, chiseling, and pickaxing a hole through a double layer brick wall, and the final team digging a trench for the drainage pipe. Andrew & Robert were the Mission staff overseeing us and it was glorious!

I came to love Robert last year when we worked in Govan, Randell and I hearing his story and his infectious laugh and humor and this year is no different! It is so good to get time to work with him and Andrew as well. I've known Andrew since I met him at Lodging House Mission back in 2007 but I believe this year is the most I've been able to work with him and He is wonderful!

Doing physical work projects is much different than most of what we've done so far this trip bit it is nice to see a task completed. Feeling the pickaxe break through the brick and looking up at the wall that's just been taken out per request is a good feeling. And, as a leader, seeing my team working together to accomplish these projects whole singing, chatting, and laughing together is such an amazing gift.

Tonight, Stuart Gilmour, Graeme Watt, and Jason Crispin came into town to hang out which was a blast! The night covered serious conversations and times you couldn't stop laughing and everything in between. This trip has been amazing as we've had the chance to build so many dear friendships! God has been so good to us :)

Ben Mercer

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