22 June 2012

There and Back Again - A Scum Tale

There were so many high points from last week. The first was Lindsey's baptism. I have only know her for about a week and a half but I already know part of her story and how passionately she pursues Jesus. Seeing a baptism is always beautiful when it is a genuine promise to the Lord before the body of Christ to forever love and serve him because of His sacrifice.

The next morning, Monday, a long term volunteer, Robin, took us to the south side. Chad wrote about it a little in his last post. I just want to reiterate how loved and served Chad, Jerred, and I felt. It was true foot washing that Robin did for us showing us around the city, feeding us, and introducing us to friends. He truly intended for us to have a heavenly day. We also saw Highland cows! If all the cows had a fashion contest, this cow would win. They're so fuzzy!

We left for Iona the next day. We traveled for 8 hours but it was totally worth it. Iona is a paradise. There isn't a lot going on and completely remote from any concept of the city. Sometimes we desire an escape in a world outside our own, to a fantasy world. I think we forget how truly beautiful, wonderful, and intriguing God made the world that we live in. There is really no place like Iona. It's green with plenty of rocks, sea all around, and wee sheepies! That night I ate the best meal of my life. I tasted and saw that the Lord is good! We ate like kings, celebrated, and laughed - a perfect symbol of how much God cares for us. The next day, I spent 6 hours wandering the island alone in silence, searching for Jesus Christ. Being honest with myself and God about my doubts was freeing and humbling. I tirelessly searched for him, walking and running the perimeter of the island. It has been a long time since I felt that rested and spiritually sound though I still have many questions for my Lord.

We traveled back and met two strangers on the bus and ferry. We talked extensively and played games. I hope we exemplified Christ in our interactions.

Today was long. Between devotions, Art in the morning, Internationals in the afternoon, organizing tins in the store room, the evening meal, and debrief, we worked for 15 hours. I am sufficiently exhausted but it was so worth it. I shared a message along with part of my story with the women for the evening meal. God truly feeds us when we share our story and the great mercy of Jesus Christ.


-Ethan Sares-

P.S. if you ever decide to grow out your hair and beard, be prepared to be compared by strangers to all iconic people that possess these features including Solid Snake, Jesus, Che, Georgios Samaras, David Grohl, etc.

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