18 June 2012

Mad 1am ramblings from Chad

Hello everyone!!! Hey this is Chad, your monday blogger! So there is always so much that happends over the week end for me to blog about, and i never know what to write... Well first lets start with sat for me, went to Edinburgh, and the weather was incredably minging! But glad i got to see the city. It was totally a tourist day and was not a huge fan.. It was good to spend time with the team, we also met Jonny and his Fiance there and had breakfast, Later Mary Alice meet up with us. It was great to see a familar face over here. Sunday was excellent, John, Ethan, and Ben got up early and went to Carbrain Babist Church to celebrate Stuart Gilmore's fiance Lynsey's babtism. (i wish i would got up for that, i really love the spending time with Stuart, and Graeme from Rodent Emporium). Then we went to Mosiac Church, it really feels at home. I feel i have already made friends there in only 2 weeks. It was a farely relaxing day, but was really good. Monday was a realative slow day for most, Ethan, Jerred, and I had to get up early to meet with Robin a long term volunteer at GCM. He then took us on a tour of the south side of Glasgow. Went to Polluck Park, it was an old Estate that was given to the city to be turned into a park. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Then we got some take out and went back to his flat and met his sons, had lunch outside in the amazing weather (acutally sunny, but high of like 60ish degrees, LOVE THE WEATHER). Then we came back and served the evening meal. There was so much good conversations that happend, and God moving. It is amazing over here...

Well enough of my ramblings on about our days. I do want to say that God has been so every present in our prayer and times togeather!

Also we will be headed to the Isle of Iona in the morning so we will not be bloging for the next 2 days. We will be taking some quiet time with God, in a beautiful, spiritual place. Thanks and type at you soon ;-)

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