15 June 2012

Thank you for stopping by the blog amidst all the feeding you could be doing on Facebook. We truly appreciate it. Without further ado...

I will never forget the day I almost saw the Olympic torch. We were standing just outside a Wetherspoons when suddenly two giant parade trucks went by with people waving flags and police motorcycles everywhere. They said "it's going to pass in five minutes!" So we waited. And we waited. It had been ten minutes. We asked the fuzz blocking traffic in the intersection where the torch was and he said it passed and it was three blocks down on Buchanan street. Shoot.

My favorite club is Internationals. All clients who are foreign to Scotland are welcome. I have met people from Uganda, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and many others. I love hearing everyone's stories - some are exciting and some are tragic. There is always an amazing meal cooked by Gabrielle. Then we teach English to them. It is easy to develop friendships here and high potential to show the love of Jesus. I was also able to speak Portuguese with Jose who is from Portugal!

The Spirit is so strong at the Mission. For the first time in a long time, I feel that I am exactly where God desires me to be. Very often during school and while I am working, I feel that most of my time and resources are being spent on myself and isn't furthering the kingdom. Here it is so obvious that the Spirit is moving through me as I serve. Though I am in a foreign environment than my own and not working, I don't think this feeling can be ignored. I talked with John and Jerred. They encouraged me in my feeling and that I should pray about it. They also advised me to take in as much as I can while I'm here and not worry about what I will do when I get back. I wait on the Lord to direct and lead.

Continuing to serve meals at night, I am learning all the different roles to play in the service. After being in existence for almost 200 years, the Glasgow City Mission, the night is a finely tuned machine. However it is not micro-managed at all. The Spirit leads and helps us have an immense compassion for the clients. I wonder if this is how the disciples felt as they were directed to feed the 5,000? I love working every night. I can't get enough.

We are growing as a team and bonding. We have suffered many spiritual attacks by the enemy and we pray over each other vigorously in the name of Jesus Christ. Many prayers have been answered. One example: For the last week, I had chronic physical/emotional fatigue. I couldn't be fully aware and alert to be used by the Lord. We prayed and today I feel as if the Lord has combated the enemy for me and the team. I have energy and I am able to give myself fully to serve the least of these. It is such a blessing!

I am looking forward to some opportunities to use my artistic talents for the kingdom through Mosaic. This is one of the reasons why I came to Scotland so I am glad that my hope is coming to fruition.

Thanks for reading this update! I hope it was a good use of your time to hear about our adventures in Scotland.

-Ethan Sares-

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