25 June 2012

Well what to say

Hello in blog land... What to say? Life and God have been amazing here, but there is a feeling of it coming to an end. This is a little tough to deal with. We are entering our last full week here, and all ready we are starting the goodbyes. It is tough starting to build relationships with everyone over here, to only have to leave. But we must return home and use what God has shown us in our everyday lives, and at our church.

Well but a quick recap for you, Sat we went to Stirling Castle. It was great seeing some of the history of this nation. We happen to be at the castle on the 698th aniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. A key vitory during for the Scots in thier war for independance. It also took place within view of the Castle. We also made it to the Wallace Monument. Then we headed back to Glasgow. Some took the rest of the day and watched Brave Heart, but Ethan and I went to see Angles Share with Graeme. This is a movie that was shot in Glasgow, and is about several Glaswegians. In the adds for the film they hail it as the Scotish Full Monty. It is a good film but be prepared for heavy accents. Well its getting late and I need to get to bed, thanks for reading

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