22 June 2012

Thin Places

The following is something that I wrote down Wednesday morning while on the Isle of Iona:

"The views of God's creation are stunning from the top of Dun I, or rather anywhere on Iona. The hike up was more strenuous than I had expected, but it was worth every breath. It's easy from here to see God's creation because it is so obvious. I can see the sea, the islands, the mountains, the rocks, the beaches, the sky. This could not have been an accident or have happened merely by chance. Yet sitting here, I catch myself looking at the small insects crawling on the ground, the grass blowing in the strong wind gusts, the small flowers from moss on the rocks. This too is God's creation! Why do I need to be in a place like Iona to be reminded of the beauty to be found in all of God's creation? Every place in my life should be a thin place."

I want to challenge you to see beauty in things that you may often overlook.

I love you all.

In Jesus,

Jerred Olen Powell

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