20 June 2014


Last night after a day of clubs at Glasgow City Mission, we all piled on a city bus out to Bellahouston Park to visit our English friend, Callum Male, at his granny's house.  We had burgers and dogs and cole slaw and malteezer bars and loads of good food and even more glorious chats with Callum, his cousin Kara who has grown up going to an American school in Chang Mai, Thailand; his Uncle Roy who has been a missionary to Viet Nam; and his granny who was a missionary to Thailand.  It was wonderful to hear stories and talk about the world of missions and the church in all these various places.  Again, I am reminded of how vast God's family is, reaching to all the corners of the Earth!

We ended up watching England vs. Uruguay much to Callum's dismay.  It was entertaining to see Callum so animated by the game and we were sorry for our friend when England lost.  In all, it was a wonderful time full of fun and laughter and it was capped off with an update from Jordan that his dad is definitely on the mend and the breathing tube was taken out yesterday!  Praise Jesus!

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