27 June 2014


Late last night, after a day of travel, we arrived back in Glasgow from our time on Iona. We had a wonderful time of rest and reflection in a place full of peace and quiet.  

Wednesday was raining but yesterday was beautiful!  Even with the rain, we were able to spend time thinking about our time here in Scotland, ways that God has revealed Himself to us, and what God is calling us into here in Glasgow and back in Denver.

Some of us sat in the church or tea shop, others climbed Dun I (the hill in the middle of the island), Chad spent time in the Catholic Prayer room and went to mass, others of us went to the chapel service at Iona Abbey.  

Wednesday night, we took time affirming each member of our team, speaking out the ways that we see God growing and using them. It was a powerful time as we spoke God's love to each other.

Yesterday we travelled by ferry, bus, and train to get back to Glasgow for a sleep and now we're back at the Mission doing clubs and the evening meal!

If you're a pray-er, please lift up the health of our team as Tina has a sinus infection and others of us have touches of the Scottish flu which is very similar to a cold in the US.

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