28 June 2014


It's been awhile since I've blogged. Our time in Iona was a much needed Sabbath and also an opportunity for God's Truth to shine brighter through the expectations we had to let go of through placing our rest in Him.

Expectations have been something I feel many of us have been struggling with while on this trip. I know I had many expectations that God is challenging me to give to Him. One of those more surface level expectations has been the weather. I fully expected it to be the rainy Scotland I had heard others speak of, only to find that we came in the midst of a rather dry spell. I prayed and prayed for rain. Our allergies have been rough and it was just something I wanted to experience in Scotland. Well, God gave us the rain, just not when I would have wanted it.

Back to expectations. Expecting God to work on a time table that is similar to ours. Expecting God to answer prayers with a simple "yes" or "no". Not a "wait". The rain came to us while on Iona. The day we were to explore God's presence and trek around the island soaking in His love and warmth. That rainy day in Iona God choose once again to remind me of how little control I have. He had different plans for our time there and if I had solely relied on happiness and contentment being based on my expectations being met the way I had wanted them to be met, well you see where I'm going which this. God gave us what we needed in that specific time in our trip. He continues to do so and I am so very grateful for it.

After everything has been said, our time on the island was pretty awesome. God is good and continues to be so. I'm sure there be more expectations ahead that I will have to let go of, but I can rest in the fact that He is Abba and He is in control.

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