18 June 2014


     Over the past week here in Scotland I have been very convicted of the fact that I highly lack intentionality in my life. I knew I was missing something but simply tried to fill the void by moving about and keeping busy rather than allowing myself to truly experience what a life centered around Christ could feel like.
     A few nights ago in debrief I was reminded that we are called to serve and live out Christ's calling as a "24/7 kind of gig". Following Him and praising Him is not just a Sunday ritual.
     While here in Glasgow God has begun to open my eyes to what this kind of God-fearing life can look like. He has allowed me time to rest in Him as well as time to talk about all that He is doing in the world. He has blessed us with community that prays for and with us and walks alongside us. He is constantly near to us, all He asks is that we draw near to Him.
     Continue to pray for this aspect of the trip. That our time spent will be intentional and directed towards giving God the glory He so rightly deserves. Pray that we can speak Christ into the clients at the Mission and that we can engage with the people He has placed in our lives.


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