18 June 2014

Please pray


Please pray for Jordan and his family:
"My dad is less than an hour from going into surgery yet again for his heart. Doctors in Seattle didn't do anything they should of done and the doctor in Portland is very confused at why they didn't in the previous surgery. He has to have his aorta valve and mitrol valve replaced along with two holes in his heart repaired. They will be taking veins from his legs to help repair the damage. He is basically getting a whole new roof to his heart. This is a very intense risky surgery so could you all please be praying. 

My family is very tired and upset about this whole thing and I'm not to happy being around the world when my dad is going through such a risky surgery. I know it's all in God's hands but my dad needs our prayers. There is a large group here in Scotland that will be praying so if all you in Denver and the Boise areas please be praying, he goes into surgery at 7am ish Portland Oregon time. Thank you everyone who has been keeping him and my family in your prayers. The only way we can get through this is with God."

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