13 June 2014

Stuart, Lynsey, & Graeme

Yesterday, we had devotions over Acts 1:7-8 and what it means to be a witness. From there, we went to clubs: Younger men's club & Women's cooking where they learned how to make lasagna!  Jerred and I did Next Steps/Jobs club where I was able to help someone email their CV to themselves so they can pass it on to potential employers.

Last night, we got to see our dear friends, Stuart and Lynsey Gilmour and Graeme Watt.  It was glorious getting to see long-time friends who we've been praying for and connecting with through yearly visits, email and facebook through the years.  

It's funny to me (Ben) how much life Stuart and I have lived alongside each other from across the pond, so many big life changes in both of our lives since we met in 2006. It is so awesome to see how God draws a family to Himself from every corner of the globe of which we are a part!  Truly, 'God puts the lonely in families!'

After we got home, we had an early debrief and then decided to pray through the building where we are staying for our stay. It was a new experience for some folk but it was a good, bonding experience.

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