14 June 2014

Getting a Feel for the Mission

Hey everybody! Thanks for reading our blog :) It is amazing to be back in Glasgow again. I will say, for the record, that it has had it's ups and downs, but overall it really is a blessing to be back in Scotland. Being at the Glasgow City Mission and volunteering there once again, it is clear that God is at work.
     We are experiencing a variety of the different clubs and activities at the mission in our first week here. Today, I got to help out and participate in the Internationals Club, which is an activity that God is really blessing and bringing so many new people into over the last couple of years. We had over 50 people that came in this afternoon from so many different countries. For example, I got to talk with men and women from Sudan, Russia, Greece, Poland, and Kenya, just to name a few. We shared a meal together and then got to help out with some English lessons as well as a bible study discussion for the more advanced speakers. I really feel like this ministry is such a blessing for these people to come to and it was wonderful to get to chat to them and hear a little about their lives.
     Another highlight from today was running into a friend that we know from Mosaic church, that we attend on the weekends. Jerred and I were walking down the street and hadn't seen our friend in about 2 years, but I feel that God had us cross paths and it was such an encouragement to see him. I also got to chat briefly with one of the girls that we got to visit last year, when she was living in a rehab facility. I was so glad to see her and to be reminded to be praying for her on her continued journey.
     Thanks for joining along with us. We so appreciate your love and support and encouragement!
We love you lots!
---Katie/Eagleslayer xoxo

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