05 June 2014

Jordan update: more good news!

Jordan & I have been catching up via txt because his phone carrier got confused and he was 'out of pocket' for a few days :(.  But he's back online & doing fine!  He's heading back to Denver tonight and getting ready to go.  Please pray for peace and protection for Jordan and the entire team (+ Tina who will be joining us for 2 weeks!) as we pack and prepare to leave.

In even better news: Jordan's dad is still in Seattle but he's out of the hospital and he flies home to Idaho on Monday! Praise Jesus for His provision and healing power! Continue to pray for Jordan's dad's recovery.

We are so close to our fund-raising goal! Just another $999 to go! If you're interested in helping with that, you can do so via paypal here.

If you would like to join our prayer team, please email us.

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