02 July 2015

1 July 2015
Hey there! It's Matt here. We arrived in Glasgow safely Tuesday morning, and met Susan Tulley, Jim Coleman, and Paul G. at the airport. They were so gracious to us and chatted with us over coffee as we tried to wake up. We then went straight to Glasgow City Mission for a brief tour and met many wonderful folks. I was excited to see some folks that I knew from 2013! Shortly afterwards, we retired to our homes and rested. I went out for dinner with Amy to Old Salty's, a new restaurant in the West End.
Today, Wednesday, was our first day at the mission. We all met at the mission for devotions. Susan Tulley and Susan Robertson gave us a run-down on the mission procedures. Then we went to clubs. Mike and Mary went to the Over 40's men's club, where they play pool, ping pong, and have trivia. Danae did intercessory prayer. Michael and Amy did Urban drop-in, which is where clients can come use the computers, gym, showers, music room, and hang out for encouragement. I went out with Paul to Morrison's (a large grocery store) in the Greenock neighbourhood to get some canned food Donations for the food bank. It was great to see Callum Robertson, Susan's husband, who is a manager at Morrison's. What a nice surprise! He helped us load the cans onto the truck. I was grateful for the time to chat with Paul, he's a wonderful man!
In the afternoon, we went back to Ewan's flat and Mary took a nap while the rest of us went to the Squid and the Whale for dinner. Great Mexican food!
Then we headed back to the mission for the evening service (meal served to the homeless). They really have a great system there, with everyone on specific duties. The meal runs smoothly and efficiently. Mike S. gave the homily, a little 7-minute wee "sermon", and he spoke about the name "Scum of the Earth" and why we chose that name. Very engaging and spot on! One client asked me afterwards about Scum and I was able to give him a pamphlet from Scum so he could prove we were real! !
Such a wonderful day meeting (and reconnecting with ) wonderful people. I love how the staff at the mission have such cheerful spirits, and even if they're overwhelmed, you wouldn't know it. Their joy spills over to those around them, and makes all of us more comfortable.
Peace out! Heading to bed!

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