27 July 2015

Last Weekend in Glasgow: reflection

25 July 2015


This blog is 2 days late but here it is anyway!  We had a jam-packed weekend in Glasgow.  Friday night Ewan made dinner for Amy, me, and Alastair Duncan, his pastor (from the Tron church).  We had a great time laughing and chatting late into the night, and it was relaxing for me.
Saturday we slept in, and took the train to Larbert to meet with Stuart, Lynsey, Indie, and Graeme one last time.  We had lunch together, sat and chatted, ordered pizza for dinner, and chatted late into the night, praying, encouraging, laughing, and just being the body of Christ.  Stuart and Lynsey were deeply encouraged; they said they look forward to the Scum team coming every year, and that we are truly their church.  I pray that God brings them more people to sustain them throughout the year.
Sunday, Amy and I went to Joe Campbell's church, The Refuge Scotland, pastored by Matt Settlife from Tennessee.  Matt preached a wonderful sermon from Psalm 23, and the worship was intimate and authentic.  Then Amy and I grabbed lunch and headed over to Mosaic, where I lead worship one last time.  Lorna from Mosaic did a presentation and discussion on Christian iconography and art.  Very interesting!
Sunday night was our goodbye party, because the Lammers are headed to London today, and the rest of us to Cambridge on Wednesday.  We had a good turnout, and chatted with people late into the night (seems to be a theme here!!) Amy and I walked back to the flat with Joe Thomson, Susan Tulley, and Simon Noble from GCM.  We chatted more over cups of tea.  God has truly blessed us with lifelong friends here.
Today has been a lazy day of laundry and reflection.  Don't have plans for tonight - maybe I'll see a movie or something.  I am just resting in the goodness of God, and his provision.

Matt Kingham

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