08 July 2015

The day that a great man was born j/k

Hello all,

This is Michael Lammers today and I'm glad to give you the blog today because today is my birthday. I'm 29 years old today, still wearing the wallet chain like I was 28. (points to people that know where that quote is from).

I usually don't make a huge deal about my birthday but everyone here have been wishing me a happy birthday since I gotten here in the morning. As far as what I'm doing for the day of my birth. well its been what we came here to do. that is to help out with clubs and in the evening the meal at GMC. I was helping out with the club called Urban. It is mostly just a drop in activity time where clients can hop on the computers, work out in the gym, or just hang out. Danae was with me and we had a good chat with a couple of clients about our culture and theirs here in the Scotland. I couldn't think of a better way of spending my birthday.

We have some time off before we start preparing for the evening meal. So the team is out getting odds and ends sorted most of it is just little things but Danae and Amy are getting what they need to lead a cooking class. They will be making a Mac-'n'-cheese. As Mike would say the Scots love carbs and cheese so if they don't have Mac-'n'- cheese they will love it.

I'm looking forward to finishing off the week strong with GMC.

Thanks for reading
Michael Lammers

p.s. Amy even brought with her some decorations and the GMC staff put up a little banner all for my birthday. I feel so blessed today.

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