31 July 2015

Winding Down

We are all in Cambridge, England now. Michael & Danae just got in by train from London where they were spending some tome getting to know missionary opportunities there; but they also were celebrating their anniversary by touring around the city.

I sense a real need for the team to now decompress from intense ministry in Glasgow during the week before we left. The spiritual oppression and the human needs could, at times, appear daunting—but they saw it through to the end in a way that made me proud of them. And our relationships with staff and clients at the Glasgow City Mission will definitely continue through social media, email and texting! The staff was so great to us as we left, celebrating our time together on more than one occasion. I really think we helped them out—there were days that the GCM was so understaffed without volunteers that they had to just hand out bagged lunches at the door for supper.

Here are some photos from the GCM website, which obviously have all been cleared with permission from the clients in them.

By fantastic mercy,
Mike Sares

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