06 July 2015


Hello Everyone, Danae here for my first blog post from Scotland.
Today, Monday, was our day of rest, as it is the only day that is completely free and devoted to whatever we wish to do. Mike and Mary stayed in to rest in the suburb of Milngavie( pronounced Mill-Guy)to recover physcially and spiritually and prepare for the week of work ahead. Matt took some time to encourage and meet with his scottish friends Steven and Sara, and Amy, Michael, and I were able to spend the day with Stuart and Lynsey Gilmour and their wee daughter indie, as we got a better view of the city of Glasgow.

As michael and I are also staying in Milngavie we are about 20 minutes outside the city and walk and take a train into the center of town. after being somewhat exhausted by the week of hitting the ground running and the awesome time of fellowship, I was initially a little skeptical that I would be able to rest today, as I have been pretty tired and walking all over Glasgow did not sound super restful, however I do recharge by being with others who are encouraging and building relationships, so when Amy mentioned she would be hanging out with Stuart and Lynsey, I wanted in!

The day proved to be a time of incredbile rest and soothing to the soul. Because of the relationship that the Scum teams have developed with the Gilmours, we instantly feel like family, or childhood freinds that have grown up together. God truly blessed our time as we shared how we came to know Jesus, the struggles and triumphs we have and where we think God might be leading us.

Something God has been showing me since we have started working at the mission and spending time with christians in ministry in Glasgow, is that God calls each person to serve with their life, but the outpouring of that will always look different for each brother and sister. I think as christians we are too limited with the thinking that things have to be done a certain way,we worship a certain way, pray a certain way. we often have checkslists, or benchmarks for when we may be ready to do certain things in ministry or a a perstitant idea of the way church should look.

God has begun to show me just how creative and diverse he is, and that when we submit to him and his timing, and look to his strength and not our own, we uses us in a way that is unique to our calling and our place in the body. Too often we get hung up on having certain titles or reaching a certain point in our walk. I know I often suffer from the disease of comparison, comparing my journey to someone else's, but what I am learning is that the uniqueness of our experience of God is what makes this whole body of christ thing work. I need to remember that I serve a diverse and creative God, one who turns my expectations upside down on a daily basis.

Not only did I see that today in our converstations and sharing our stories, but in our time in Glasgow, as I expected it to be draining and physically tiring, and God made it to be a Sabbath, a point of rest that was much needed.
Whew! That was a long post! thanks for reading and continuing to pray for the team!

- Danae Lammers

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