27 July 2015

to London

Last Blog from Glasgow
Danae Lammers

coming home from the GCM on friday on the train was different. I looked out the train and saw the rain coming down and thought about how comfortable I feel here and how easily I felt I could integrate into life in Glasgow. As the rain dripped down the windows, I looked out feeling a sad tug in my heart, not as if I would never see this place again, but that I am not ready to leave just yet.

I know by now that God has us back in Colorado for some time, time to center and enjoy life and say goodbye in some ways to life in the U.S on our own pace, without having to rush towards doors or hit certain benchmarks that we feel we ought to be at by now. So in a way I am looking forward to going home, for these reasons, but the sadness of leaving Glasgow for an indefinite amount of time still lingers.

So we are off to London in a few hours by train, and will take some time to reflect and pray over what is waiting for us when we get there. Throughout this trip God has been speaking over me a message of freedom. working towards life in ministry for us over the past few years has been a series of missed marks and closed doors, and lists of what our lives ought to look like before we can be used in ministry. It has been disheartening at times, but God used this narrow path and the lists and profiles to measure up to that have been given to us, to bring about so much growth. 

Now I feel like God is calling me to release seeking to check things off the lists and seek approval from people. He wants me to see that not all ministries and missionaries look the same. He wants me to see that He is bigger and more creative with his plans for us than all that we could ask or imagine. He is calling me to a to a wide coastline of incredible beauty and freedom, after walking a narrow path through the steep hills and marshy valleys. But I think the best thing about where I am right now, is that he is telling me to taste and see, and sit and enjoy, not plan and worry and try to figure out and Map. That is what I will be praying over our time in London, even as we meet with ministries we may potentially work with in the future, that we would not be swept up in figuring out whats next, but just find enjoyment in embracing the freedom we have in Christ.

until next time - Danae Lammers

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