19 July 2015

Glasgow City Mottos (posting this blog a little late—sorry)

I love Humanities.

I love the way one can trace the beliefs of a people through their politics, socio-economic values, visual arts, music, literature, etc.

I love the way a time can be described by its moral code.

Here in Glasgow, the city mottos through the ages describe the shifts in belief:

Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of Thy Word and the praising of Thy Name

Let Glasgow Flourish

People Make Glasgow

How can one get back to the times of glorifying God as a conscientious motto in Glasgow?
This is a different time.
This is a new time for Our Lord to pour out His ever-loving favor on Glasgow.
This time is a time of resting in the Lord and obeying His commands, following as a disciple.

Mary Sares
July, 2015

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