08 July 2015

7 July 2015

Hey everyone, Matt here. We've been in Glasgow for one week already! Amazing! Today we were off all day until the evening meal. Amy and I visited our local Caffè Nero (coffee shop ) right up the block (which we've done every day, and we know all the employees by name). We chatted with Lorraine and Kerry, employees, and Kerry loaned me her library card so I could access the computers at the library! So generous!
After that, Amy and I parted Ways, and I took the underground to Stereo for lunch. They have a cool eco-friendly vibe, and great healthy food!
Then I went over to the mission to post the prayer requests, and chatted with the staff. Then we met with our mentors. Joe Campbell is my mentor. He's a great guy who I connected with in 2013, and he is such an encouragement to me, as we struggle with similar temptations and we can encourage each other in our Christian walk. I love Joe! Then we headed back to the mission and had devotions and debriefing with the team before the evening service.
The evening service was packed! Around 134 men and 25+ women! We ran out of soup, and seats! I was so happy to see 2 clients I remembered from 2 years ago, and they were so happy I remembered their Names! We had a great team, with Joe Campbell leading, and I chatted with a bunch of folks. My job was "runner" for the door (to-go) orders. Boy that kept me on my toes! But I was glad for the fast pace.
Afterwards, Amy and I relaxed at a beautiful pub called Stravaigin. I'm attaching some photos of our lovely day!

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